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Test EVERY Cow in the Food Chain

Test EVERY Cow in the Food Chain
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Friday, July 16, 2010

Shredding Cows Alive / Warning: Graphic Vid

There is a video on YouTube that has been going around for awhile (Google "Cow Shred Alive") but there is little info there on the original source of the vid.

We MUST find out who does this! I found a link on line to the same vid only not the one on YouTube,...which may be from the original poster. Click on link below to see that vid uploaded by someone named "Alper Buyukhan" in Turkey. Perhaps they would know who does this? I am sure it is not an isolated event;

Showing "Alpers" vid;
I am thinking that even if we can never discover who did this to this particular cow, that still we must get the word out that this sort of farm cruelty is being done at all AND MAY BE COMMON PRACTICE in some places. We must keep a closer eye on not only the farms but the rendering operations also.....
Please also bear in mind that right here in the good old USA, it is "standard practice" in chick hatcheries to grind up the male chicks alive. The USDA has ruled this practice "humane" ;
Also I have heard of at least one case where the ruling was applied to fully grown birds, and I will be posting that case if I can find it goes back several years.

Job-FAIL! Bigtime.


Anonymous said...

That cow was NOT alive. The sounds were fake. Are you really so stupid you couldn't realize that?

alper buyukhan said...

new link