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Test EVERY Cow in the Food Chain
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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cattle Blight in Kazakhstan - Pay Close Attention to Text in Red and Think About Germ Warfare, NWO and Population Control as You Read

A ProMED-mail post

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Date: Fri 18 Jun 2010
Source: Interfax-Kazakhstan [edited]

FMD outbreak reported in Novodolinka
Foot and mouth disease (FMD) has affected the cattle of the Novodolinka
village in Akmola [Aqmola] region.

According to the Kazakh Emergency Ministry, 241 cases have been reported
during the livestock examination last Tuesday [16 Jun 2010]. The Ministry
says, however, that no mass die-off has occurred.

On 16 Jun 2010 the akim of Ereimentau district quarantined the village. [An
akim is the head of a local government in Kazakhstan; akims are appointed
or selected to the post in an order defined by the president. - Mod.AS]
communicated by:

[The information above generally conforms with the information included in
Kazakhstan's notification to the OIE (see posting 20100618.2041), with one
difference: the number of clinical cases, out of the 639 susceptible
cattle, was 140 (22 per cent) according to the OIE report (Agriculture
Ministry), compared with 241 cases (38 per cent) according to the media
(Emergency Ministry) report. Either way, such numbers are indicative of an
infection in the affected farm which has undergone 2 or even 3 incubation
periods following the very 1st infection (index case). Thus the actual
"start" date was, most probably, days to weeks earlier than 9 Jun 2010 as
stated. The virus could have circulated in the herd weeks before the
implementation of the quarantine measures on 16 Jun 2010. The disease was,
reportedly, confirmed on 15 Jun 2010 and notified to the OIE on 17 Jun
2010. At that date it was still not serotyped. The serotype is still

Since May 2010, mass morbidity and mortality were observed in saiga
antelopes in Kazakhstan (an endangered species). Based on past experience
in Kazakhstan, one of the possible causes of the health problem in saiga
could have been FMD, requiring investigative effort (see postings below).
According to information obtained on 31 May 2010, Kazakhstan's National
Monitoring Centre and Reference lab for diagnosis and veterinary medicine
in Astana, was -- at that point in time -- pursuing tests of samples from
the sick or dead saigas; final results of the said tests are awaited with

The global weight of major epizootics and the strategic position of
Kazakhstan within the Asian realm are demonstrated by the started
construction of a USD 103 million reference laboratory for the study of
contagious animal and human diseases in Almaty. The Central Reference
Laboratory is a joint project between the US Department of Defense and the
Republic of Kaz
. - Mod.AS

The HealthMap/ProMED-mail interactive map of Kazakhstan can be seen at
. - Sr.Tech.Ed.MJ]

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