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Test EVERY Cow in the Food Chain

Test EVERY Cow in the Food Chain
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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Taiwan lifts ban on importing US bone-in beef

Guess Taiwan didnt hear about Chinas banning US Beef Imports because of "banned organs" found in the cow carcasses. Recently, both Tyson and Cargill Beef Products have been guilty of failure to remove these banned parts from the carcasses of the beef we are exporting and/or are selling to our own American consumers.

By Pawan Shukla | 24/10/2009 | in

The Taiwan government has announced that it will lift a ban on imports of a range of U. S. ‘beef in bone’ products including Porterhouse steak.

Taiwan has ended a six year long ban on import that was in place over fears of mad cow disease, and ushering improving ties with the U. S.

The import is likely to start in November this year.

Meanwhile, the health department announced all imported beef products will have to carry a label of approval from the U. S. Agriculture Department.

During the meeting of Taiwan and US officials, a retired US diplomat in Taipei, Syd Goldsmith said, “It removes an irritant that's been nagging for as long as I can remember.”

A source from US official told reporters that the deal is finalized and it allows import of all beef products from cattle under 30 months old. He also added that imports from older cattle will be allowed only after the young ones are found safe.

While talking to reporters, the Taiwan government official said, “After a strict appraisal and risk analysis proving the safety of U. S. beef, the Department of Health today announces that in addition to the boneless products now allowed, it will open to other beef.”

The United States is Taiwan’s second largest trading partner and it generates an annual trade of about $57 billion.

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Taiwan minister offers to quit over US beef decision
(AFP) – 1 day ago

TAIPEI — Taiwan's health minister on Saturday offered to resign over the controversial decision to lift the ban on US beef on the bone despite mad cow disease concerns.

"Of course I will resign if there is a demand. I will take the responsibility," health minister Yang Chih-liang told reporters.

The health department announced Friday that it would allow imports of US bone-in beef and intestines in a move blasted by some lawmakers and consumer rights advocates.

The ruling Kuomintang caucus demanded Yang step down for lifting the ban without the parliament's consent and threatened to freeze the health department's budget.

Meanwhile, the Consumers' Foundation accused the government of bowing to pressure from Washington despite health risks and urged the authorities to put warning labels on US beef products.

Local media said the new measure would take effect in late October and the first shipment of US beef on the bone is expected to arrive in the island as early as November 10.

Taiwan banned US beef imports in December 2003 due to reports of mad cow disease in the country but opened up to boneless beef products in 2006.

Beef affected by the disease is feared to cause in humans a variant of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.

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