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Test EVERY Cow in the Food Chain

Test EVERY Cow in the Food Chain
Like Other Countries Do

Saturday, December 6, 2008

USDA "Food Police" Raid Ohio Farm

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Swat Team Conducts "Food Raid" in Rural Ohio

The USDA just released their plans to put a law into action that will put all small farmers out of business. Animals for the sale of meat or milk will only be allowed in commercial farms. December 3, 2008

If you read nothing else today please make it this article Click on title above for article;

We have been ranting and raving for years about the abuses of the USDA and the Federal Government against small farmers and people who would actually like to eat real healthy foods without all of the additives and commercially inflicted hormones and growth additives. Every piece of processed food you put into your family's body is allowed to be altered by the Government to make it more profitable for the large corporations. Most of these additives are horribly wrong for the human consumer . They induce more production in the animals, more fat, more steroids, more antibiotics and less actual nutrition. We are being slowly murdered and if not dying our brains are being affected by these additives. Our children are suffering from diseases that were unknown 30 years ago.

Their intelligence is being reduced ! Allergies , ADD, ADHD, and on and on. We are allowing the government to make Zombies out of us.

With the lack of healthy foods and the TV constantly keeping us entertained so we don't think about the very important things we should be thinking about we are slowly slinking into oblivion. A vast pit we will not be able to dig out of .

Just take a pill you will be ok?

Keep the Drug industry healthy !

Watch TV for only a few minutes and you will see dozens of ads for all kinds of cures ( not cures but only medications which will alleviate the symptoms of illnesses) mostly with side effects which are worse than the actual illness or disability.

Did you ever wonder why there are so many ads for Viagra? Could it be that the males in our world now are being sterilized and impotent on purpose? If a persons body has to have help to have Normal Sex then something is definitely wrong. From all of the ads you would think that Sex is the main reason to live? When did it become the most important factor in a relationship?

I can guarantee you that the small farmer, organic farmer and gardener that raises their own food does not have this problem. You won't see any Viagra on their night stand. Their only problem would be they are bone tired from actually working all day. They also don't need sleep aids to fall asleep at night.

Keep on feeding your babies formula, it is good for them and soooooooo easy. It also is made of mostly SOY which was prescribed for me during menapause to help my body make more estrogen? Now if it does that for my body why wouldn't it do the same in children? Males with low testerone means a society that is docile and easily controlled. Ever notice that it is the women who are actually getting out and fighting more so than the men now? ( I am not talking about the farmers who are not consuming vast amounts of Soy every day. Those men seem to have no problems being a male.) I am not putting all the blame on Soy but it could be a part of the problem. What ever happened to Mothers' milk? Goats milk? even the old baby formula your Grandmother made on the stove out of evaporated milk, water and a little plain Karo syrup?

How many effeminate Farmers have you seen ?

Google NAIS and join some of the many groups that are fighting for your food safety and their survival against the huge corporate organizations which are taking over the control of all of the food industry. It could mean your very life and certainly has the future of your family's health at stake.

Most of the diseases that afflict us today can be cured by simply eating the right foods, stopping the imput of chemicals into our bodies, and you will find that the food grown in your back yard or on a small farm tastes alltogether different from the canned variety out of the grocery stores. You may just develop a taste for real food. Food that will nourish your body not tear it down.

Find someone with a well and drink their water, people on wells will share it doesn't cost them a monthly bill to have chemicals put into their water to make it safe to drink? No Flouride, No clorox, but real minerals we all need every day in a form we can digest.

Join the small farmers and ranchers, refuse to eat the products from the huge feed lots and commercially poisoned farms.

And as always start storing up supplies for your family. The time will come and soon I am afraid that Food will be the weapon we will be totally controlled with.

He who controls the food supply has the power !

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