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Test EVERY Cow in the Food Chain

Test EVERY Cow in the Food Chain
Like Other Countries Do

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tell FDA / USDA "No" to Import of Chinese Milk & Dairy Products! Children are Dying!

Sadly, children in China are dying from Melamine-contaminated infant formula, the same ingredient that was found to have helped kill thousands of pets in the U.S. last year.

The scandal is growing as we are finding Melamine now on grocery shelves in the U.S.

Urge the Food and Drug Administration to stop the import of dairy ingredients from China until this situation is under control >>

We didn't learn our lesson last year and imported million of pounds of casein and other powdered milk proteins - ingredients that are used in many processed foods such as cookies and chocolates - from China.

And according to USDA figures, this year the U.S. has already imported 2 million pounds of casein and other powdered milk proteins from China. This includes 293,000 pounds that were imported in July, when some Chinese authorities were aware of the Melamine contamination yet failed to act!

While other countries are moving to ban the Chinese dairy products, the U.S. has not. With your help, we'll fix that. Keep deadly chemicals out of your food - tell the FDA to block dairy imports from China >>

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