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Test EVERY Cow in the Food Chain

Test EVERY Cow in the Food Chain
Like Other Countries Do

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Food Animal Cruelty - An American Disgrace

Here you will see some "not so happy" cows at a "Downer" Farm;

After watching this vid, one is left to wonder, who could abide such cruelty "under their nose?" ...the ans is a sad commentary on the human race: lots of us

California "Happy Cows" Sick, Down, Diseased,
pushed and dragged to slaughter to go into childrens school lunch program;

Here is a vid showing the cruelty of livestock auctions;
The saddest part in this one for me at least, is the part about mid-way through that shows a calf only a few days old, trying to walk on an obviously broken leg. He tries so hard to get the leg to work but it is not going to, he is trying so hard but the leg is fully broke just above the ankle and dragging, and wont bear even his little weight. The owner of this calf and the auction house owner should be cited for animal cruelty. I do not think they are supposed to suffer the animals to suffer so...

Sick Lame Cow to Auction;
This cow exhibits all of the typical symptoms caused by the growth hormones they are injected with with to increase milk production. They inject poulty also with these growth hormones, and the chicks grow so big and so fast that their little legs cant hold them.

More Livestock Auction Cruelty;

Blind Cow to Slaughter;
Law says you cant slaughter a blind horse. Dont the same hold true for cows? For any animal?

The Dark Side of Dairy;

Farm Animal Cruelty Prevention Act;

Just say "NO" to Animal Cruelty - and Go Vegan!

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