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Test EVERY Cow in the Food Chain

Test EVERY Cow in the Food Chain
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Friday, January 30, 2009

Cattle Sales Rising

Jan 29 2009 11:29PM


Typically late fall and beginning of a year - livestock sale rings are buzzing with activity but by now the rush of cattle sales tends to slow down. But not during a winter like this.

A short hay crop last year, and heavy snow and bitter cold is causing long lines at Northern Livestock Auction in Minot.

Livestock producers are selling off cattle at record rates. Some who would normally hold their animals for 2 to 3 years are selling out now.

The deep snow means difficulty in getting to livestock, and food is hard to get to, while corrals are filling up with snow. The price of cattle is also having an impact on sales.

(Marlyn Hagen, Manager, Northern Livestock) "Last week for probably eight hours they were lined up double and triple in the lot here and down both ways from the highway and we had them stacked up over in Farstad's. Bookkeeper went out with cards and gave them numbers so they knew what order to come in. We had 4200 head last week which is asnormaland I imagine we will have between two and three thousand this week."

Twice this year Northern Livestock officials have delayed the auction because they have not been ready for the normal Friday sale due to the high volume of cattle. watch the video | save this article / add to your favorites list

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